Scrum Master, chaos handler ?

For a starter Scrum methodology consist of basically 3 main roles witch are product owner, the one that one the idea and have all the details and answers, the development team also known as “Slaves”, they get things done, and last but definitely not least THE SCRUM MASTER.

My first experience was as a scrum master, witch is the one that mainly divide tasks and merge everyone's work together, that doesn’t seem bad right ?. Wrong, in real world scrum master is the one getting all the panful feedback for things he didn’t even done or asked to be in certain way, should be the one to ask for technical guidance and the leader to follow.

That was my worst nightmare, i was used to take responsibility for my own work and meeting my deadlines so that didn't go well with me, but definitely something i learned a lot from.

Now i enjoy the life of a slave blessed with peace of mind and all the time to have my tasks done without worrying for things that doesn’t concern me, i still worry about the project as a whole but it’s way better than worrying about every single thing.