My experience in RBK Tunisia

Achref Bououn
2 min readNov 5, 2020


Just saying that my experience in the last 4 and a half months was amazing will be unfair to everyone that i met there.

I joined RBK with not that much of interest to be honest, for me it was just another thing to try in my pursuit for a better career, but slowly i started noticing something special, some thing that i never felt in any other place, it’s some kind of attachment to the hole thing, i felt the need to start my day with the kickoff, dealing with weird errors, complaining about how 5 min breaks are too short and even meditating, it was something i really hated (at the moment) but in the same time my days off without it felt so empty and boring.

I believe also that cohort 5 had some kind of chemistry, we just opened up to each other from the first day, we where really a family, something that my other studying experiences lacked, we really cared for each other and helped one another.

I remember that i looked so sad and depressed in the beginning of this adventure, and everyone tried to make me feel better, in fact i was sad and depressed, and i was going through a lot and somehow being in the lab made me forget about everything so just enjoyed my days there, i spend many nights there also and i even refused to leave when the hole campus was closing, it was my safe house, I was even thinking to redo the hole thing again(silly me).

Finally, writing this blog almost brought me to tears, I will never forget the precious moment that we shared, my colleagues and the team, so to any one from cohort 5(students and staff), I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart and you really made a difference in achref bouaoun’s life.