In late decade learners around the globe agreed on the need to accelerate the learning process to gain more and more time getting experience rather sitting in classrooms for years learning unnecessary things that they will never use in actual professional life.

Her extreme learning programs came in handy since…

For a starter Scrum methodology consist of basically 3 main roles witch are product owner, the one that one the idea and have all the details and answers, the development team also known as “Slaves”, they get things done, and last but definitely not least THE SCRUM MASTER.

My first…

Data-bases manifest in tow major branches wish are SQL and NoSQL, in wish every one of them have it’s own advantages and limitations.

Beginning with SQL data-bases, wish the more secure and structured manner of collecting data, it is divided by tables and strict relationships between these tables, but in the other hand some sacrifices must be done and it SQL case speed of getting data is the main trade off.

In the other side NoSQL data-bases are easy to use and create, really fast in getting data from and fairly secure, but they’re not that organised as we can simulate them with bits of data hovering around the memory in wish every one of them link to the other.

The shawshank redemption is one of my all times favorite movies, the story line is exceptional adding to Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman fascinating acting skills.

The movie is about a man got a life time sentence of prison for a crime that he didn't commit and through the movie you get emotionally attached to the story and the main actors, you feel the pain, the oppression and even the good happy breaks from prison life.

In the end our main guy escaped the prison after 17 years of digging the wall with a small hammer and traveling for miles through sour pipes.

The moral here that the man never lost hope keeping faith that he will have his freedom one day after suffering long years of injustice.

For my next job i would be searching for one that can develop my skills more and give me the chance to enhance my chances for a better carrier in the future, it would be nice if i could have a nice amount of money to support my self, my ‘free will’ and get out of the family household.

The work place is also as important as the job itself, being in a toxic environment will hold anyone down, so having open minded and supportive people around increase dramatically productivity and envy to get better in every aspect.

"Describe your perfect pair. Do you see yourself close to the pair you described?"

For me the perfect paire i think that he or she will have a good influence on my work rate and productivity, it would be nice if he add value to me technically and make it easier for both of us to go through the material.

After saying that, looking back at my self, i think i’m not that perfect pair because first of all i’m either too lazy or too motivated and for the other aspects of pairing, it’s hard labor for me to be that consistent and influencel.

Achref Bououn

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